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High efficiency fireplaces can effectively heat a home and reduce energy costs. In 2009 Richard Widmer made the transition from conventional heat to a fireplace furnace for his 2100 square foot home.

“I was very happy with the results, however I had one very big problem; ash build up and disposal. I learned that maintaining a continuously burning fire led to the best results. I searched for but could not find a tool to remove only the ash from a burning fire, which left me with two choices. I could wait until the fire was out to remove ash, which greatly reduced the fireplace efficiency. Or I could use a conventional shovel to remove ash while the fire was still burning, which also removed hot smoldering coals and unburned wood. Since neither choice was ideal I decided to create a tool to solve the problem” said Richard.

Together with Tim Nichols, he created the Smart Ash Removal System, a patent pending shovel and grate assembly which removes ash from a burning fireplace without removing burning coals or unburned wood. It allows fine ash to sift into a shovel while keeping the wood and coals out.

Widmer said, “We created a prototype and throughout the 2010 heating season I used it and was amazed at how well it worked.” The Smart Ash Removal System quickly and efficiently removes ash from a burning fireplace without removing unburned wood and burning coals, which allows coals to burn continually and the fire to remain hot. The Smart Ash Removal System reduces cost by allowing all of the wood to burn to completion.

“Unexpectedly my lawn benefited from removing only ash from my fireplace. Because ash is a great substitute for lime, I saved the removed ash in a metal container and spread it on my lawn in spring”, stated Widmer.

Why is the Smart Ash Removal System better than a standard fireplace shovel?

The patent pending system allows fine ash to sift through a specially designed grate into a shovel.  Burning coals and unburned wood will not go through the grate and can be easily left in the burning fire.

What are the disadvantages of leaving ash in a burning fire?

When ash builds up in the fireplace they extinguish some of the coals, which reduces the heat and eventually smothers the fire.

What is the price?

$27.50 plus shipping.

What are the specifications?

Length: 30 inches
Weight: 3 lbs (approx)
Pan Dimensions: 5 1/4 x 6 1/2
Wood Handle Length: 14 inches

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First retail store delivery of Smart Ash Shovel

First retail delivery of Smart Ash Shovel

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